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Virgin not honouring cancellation, and sending unrequested new contracts

Tuning in

I requested a cancellation of my Virgin Media Broadband contract, an option provided by Virgin Media due to a price raise, that was acknowledged by Virgin via email.

A week later I received a contract that I did neither requested nor accepted.

Now it appears that I have two contracts, and that my cancellation request was cancelled!

This is a very questionable practice, if not plainly illegal.

Is it too much to ask Virgin Media to honour the cancellation of my contract and not to incur in such practices?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @oscarbrt 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear you intend to leave us and about the problems you've been having doing so 😔

Did you receive confirmation in writing that the cancellation request had been processed, and have you received specific confirmation it's been cancelled?

Advice on the different ways to cancel a contract can be found here

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


Tuning in

Hello Daniel,
Thanks for your message.
I have an email confirmation about the cancellation (I may forward it)
I only found out that the cancellation/disconnection was cancelled when I contacted VM about a new unrequested contract being offered and actioned without my explicit approval.
Now, I can see two contracts in my account...
I queried VM about the new unrequested/unaccepted contract, they supposedly cancelled it but then my old contract cancellation was cancelled.
this is fraudulent in my opinion: if my initial contract was cancelled, why they reverse the cancellation without my permission? 
I would really want VM to honour my initial cancellation so to avoid further escalation, such as involving an Ombudsman, etc, or at least offering some ways to solve this issue.

Hi @oscarbrt

I am so sorry for your experience with us and for any confusion on this. So we can best help I will take a look into this for you. I will pop you over a PM. Just keep an eye out for the little envelope 👀📩


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thank you @oscarbrt, for messaging with me.
I am glad I was able to help you with this 😊, all the best and please pop back to our forums if you need any further help!

Tuning in

Thanks Zoie,

you have been a beacon of help. I just wish I could have had your help earlier on.
Hopefully, all should be solved now.