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Virgin media account is failing

Joining in

Hi, everytime I try to access my virgin account there's a problem.

Currently, it seems to redirect to a "register my virgin account" and shows a blank page.
I've attached some files, which I also add a new report on another issue on the "attach media" option here where there's no close option in the modal.

All I want is to disable parental mode, which is not possible to do so; if you could please do it, you can use the current user's email address to locate my account.

Oct-04-2022 18-27-53.gif

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 18.28.53.png


Joining in

Your website is a disaster

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 18.31.59.png

This also happens on first login attempt(s). Tested on Chromium browsers (chrome, brave), also Firefox.

Your dashboard is a complete disaster

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 18.33.19.png

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello heldrida.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  

Sorry you are not able to view and use your online account.

Have you been able to view this before at all?

Also have you tried our online APP




No, the user dashboard as never been accessible. I did tried the apps etc.
Every single client side application to use your services are absolutely terrible.

I've reported the error and included screenshots, there's nothing else I can do,
it's on the side of virgin.

Why I'd request doing, is to check which is my user account that you can find by checking my user details here, as I have a matching email address.

The reCaptcha in the frontend of the application is failing even though is never presented is another of the possible reasons.
Also, if the dev team actually did end to end testing, or simply a manual test would verify that there is indeed problems.

The dashboard for my user account either through desktop or mobile is not accessible, does not work, yes tried in different browsers etc.
Please do not waste mine or your time, check the issue directly please.

Thank you!

Hi heldrida,

Thank you for reaching back out, I will be more than happy to try to help you gain access into your Online Account 
so you can turn off parental control, I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received please click on the purple envelope to accept.