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Virgin inability to respond to serious concerns

i have a serious concern. While I was away on holiday I was charged around £30 for using a 0901 number. (please note this holiday was not booked with a travel agent)

Initially I got through to a uk customer complaints guy who was really helpful. I explained that 5 charges at 5.10 had been made, one lasting only 2 seconds on my bill at 7am. I called the number from another phone line and it poported to be a Thomas Cooke travel line. I explained that my son who is not known to be an early riser had denied using the landline and certainly, I would agree would hardly call a travel line at 7am. However this aside the charge appeared excessive as well as unlikely. He suggested that I call a legitimate Thomas Cooke line that he  furnished me with and check if in his words it was a legitimate line. He also gave me a website for PSA to check who the number was registered with. 

First I called Thomas Cooke and the lady was really concerned and told me she would walk the details over to telephony to check straight away. They came back to me within 15 minutes. In the meantime I ran the number on the PSA checkline and found it belonged to a dodgy company in Cyprus. The guy at Thomas Cooke said he had called the number and it linked into their system. i.e. you were actualy calling them on a number that they charged around 17p a minute. But you were being charged the rate of a premium line at £6 a minute. he was very sorry but he had no control. To me Virgin Media were facilitating this so I called them to let them know about the SCAM. I got through to an overseas section that was as much use as a chocolate teapot. They tested my line??? and said there was nothing they could do. How annoyed was I. I expected a decent company would say oh dear bad luck for being scammed when you was out of the country but we will do all we can to stop our customeres in the future from being SCAMMED. oh no they think why should they care they are not being charged. Maybe someone knows how Virgin make money from people using their system to make calls on a premuim line. Maybe thats why they have no incentive to stop it. I put an email complaint in on Tuesday,but no response yet. Douggie from Thomas Cooke called me this morning to see if he could help further and to let me know he had reported the line for investigation. Oh Virgin where is thy blush....

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Re: Virgin inability to respond to serious concerns

Hi susanp99, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. it's great having you on board with us in the Community although I am sorry to hear about your recent experience. 

I appreciate it's frustrating when something like this happens however this isn't anything to do with Virgin Media. From what you've said, it's a scam being run which is linked to Thomas Cook. 

As they've admitted it's linked with their system it would be up to them to follow this through and potentially refund you. 


Forum Team

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