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Virgin demanding money I have already paid 3 times! now threatening our internet during COVID

Sorry if this is in the wrong board, first time using this site. 

Virgin tried to withdraw our bill from our direct debit however there was an issue and the payment didnt go through. I then paid this over the phone on March 30th with my own card. 

We believe everything is fine until we noticed our internet went from 100mbps to 10! After checking our account it said we now owed them 50! (two months bills) including the month I had just paid!

Forgetting I had paid the 25 already for March I then paid the 50 last week. Now I have just received a text saying they are shutting down our internet for not paying them! I have in fact paid 25 more than I should have! 

I tried to launch a complaint on their website but after typing everything out it just said "This page has moved and there has been an error", I know their website is garbage but this is ridiculous! I can't get through to anyone because of COVID! My Fiance and I work from home and are freaking out we wont be able to do this now without internet! 

What on earth am I meant to do? 

My fiance has been on hold for over a hour! 



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