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Virgin admit that I am NOT at fault, but say they will charge me anyway??

So, like others I have spotted on this community (and which prompted me to post!), I requested returns packaging for my Virgin Media equipment as I was moving home. I did this more than a month in advance of my moving date.

I received an email the day after I submitted my moving home request to say that packaging was on the way. It never turned up. I proceeded to chase this twice more via email, and via the Live Chat service.

A few days before my moving date, I realised the packaging had still not arrived, so I flagged this again via Live Chat and was assured it would 'definitely' arrive before I moved. I had told the agent I was speaking to that I had done all I could to chase this up, and wanted assurance that this was no longer my responsibility once I had left the property, if the packaging did not arrive. I was assured 'we will take care of it'. Surprise surprise, it didn't show up.

I have since been inundated with texts, emails, calls, all asking to arrange a collection, despite my several attempts to sort this out before I left the property. Today, I asked an agent via Live Chat to please cease these attempts to contact me as I had been very clear about my attempts to sort this out before I moved, and as far as I was aware this was no longer my responsibility - but of course, they're trying to say it is my responsibility and I will be charged for non-return!

This is despite the agent admitting 'this is not your fault' in the chat - how can Virgin agree that I am not at fault, yet still be like 'but we're going to charge you anyway' for their own lack of communication and customer care?! Absolutely appalling. 

Virgin, I'd appreciate an insight as to how on earth you can justify this treatment of your customers? At least it is making me very sure that my decision to leave was the right one!

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Virgin admit that I am NOT at fault, but say they will charge me anyway??

How?  As an outcome of broken processes, poor systems, and third rate offshoring, perhaps.

In terms of getting this fixed, you could use VM's complaints process and then escalation to arbitration if needed.  That's ultimately effective but very slow.  As a first attempt I'll flag for the forum staff to resolve, they're a helpful bunch and can usually resolve this sort of problem quickly.

In the meanwhile, make sure any demand by VM is paid, even if they are in the wrong - if you don't it will be registered as a default under a credit agreement with a stain on your credit history for the next six years.  Check your credit history, if you've cancelled your direct debit the company may have already recorded this "default" (VM have "form" for such behaviour), in which case you want the outcome to be:

1) VM stop chasing you for the return of equipment they flunked multiple opportunities to get returned.

2) VM to correct the mess on your credit history

3) Compensation for the hassle and inconvenience. 

And if there's any more messing around or the settlement isn't to your satisfaction, then the industry arbitration scheme CISAS is that slow but effective option.

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Re: Virgin admit that I am NOT at fault, but say they will charge me anyway??

Good morning @jaiesspea 


Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking the time to post. 


I am sorry to hear that you have had some issues with getting your equipment returned. 


This is definitely not how we would of liked things to of ended. 


I am going to pop you over a PM so that I can get some information and we can go from there. 


Kind regards,