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Virgin Mistake and now Baliffs are knocking!

Joining in

Hi all, i have decided to post on here as i am unable to contact anyone at Virgin without a valid account and there is no number to call their head-office.

I was a Virgin customer earlier this year but i have immigrated from the UK to Cyprus back in June 2023. I had called in and spoken to the loyalty team and explained that i wanted the contract to end ASAP once my min. contract length had elapsed. It was agreed that this would happen and i was asked to pay the remaining balance, which i did to ensure closure of the account.

Since that conversation however, it would seem that another person in the same building as myself had asked for virgin services to be installed and i think this caused confusion. Long story short, the account was not closed at the agreed time and now Virgin are hounding me for an additional month service fee. I outrightly refuse to pay for services that i a) never used and b) never authorised. However i am unable to speak to anyone at Virgin from Cyprus and the last time i tried i had wasted over £10 in international call credit and resolved nothing.

I don't want to waste more of my time or money but am unsure how to proceed. BPO collections are sending me emails and i'm unsure what to do. Any help, contacts or advice are much appreciated.

Thanks in advanced, Cyon


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi cyon,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear there's been some confusion over the final bill/ disconnection. So I can take a closer look at this for you I've popped you over a private message.