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Virgin Media package modified without consent

My virgin media package has been modified without my consent and is now showing over double my monthly price plan.

I have received an e-mail alert "thanking me" for changes I did not action. informing my price plan will now be over double what my initial plan was.

I have not spoken to any virgin media representative and have certainly not authorised any amendments to my account.

My wife informed me that she had a phone call from a representative who called our house phone yesterday 26/02/19 at 7:02pm, she informed him of my absence and that she was not the account holder, the representative continued on to inform her that as a loyal customer of virgin media, he will be amending the account to include the "Sky Cinema" movie package free of charge with no amendments to the account, my wife further informed that she was not the account holder once again and that we would not be interested, however this representative persisted and assured her that there would be no charge on the account. She informed the representative she was uncomfortable with this and informed to contact later, however it would seem that this representative has proceeded without given consent and has added Sky Movies Package, charging my account for a service I did not request nor want.

I am furious at the fact that firstly basic security protocol had not been adhered, the only question my wife mentioned he asked was the address which we reside however this is irrelevant as firstly she is not the account holder and secondly the call was from the landline at the address, that would not be considered an adequate security question and despite my wife informing this representative she was not the account holder and to not proceed this representative continue to do so and had provided personal information regarding my account without any authorisation.

I will like to raise a complaint and would like to know what would be the best action going forward.

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