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Virgin Media fake contract? Charging more than stated , not wanting to sort out after 30+ calls

Joining in

Hi, So I got a contract from Virgin Media on the 17th of August . This was the student 02 number deal package where if you have an 02 number you can get a discount. Its the M500 broadband (500+up / 50+down) for £36.99 for 12 months contract.

I have the contract summary and everything for proof. Once my broadband came which was a few days after getting the contract, I set it up and tested the speed straight away and I saw it was capped at 350 upload and 36 download, which meant that they gave me the package that was below the M500 package. So to start of with they already gave me the wrong package. 

I called multiple times every day since I saw that the package was wrong. Every single time someone picked up the phone from Virgin Media team , they kept telling me different stories. 

"Oh someone didnt apply this discount for you" ," I'll change it for you right away" ( never changed anything)

"Oh someone gave you the wrong package, ill have it changed for you" (again never did any changes apart from changing the price from £36.99 to £56.50 as I saw this on the Virgin media app.

I called many times again both the 0345 number and 0800 number as after a while I was stuck talking with the automatic reply saying I have a bill to pay and please pay and it hangs up the phone, even though nothing was to be paid , and even on the app and web it says my first bill is on the 19th of September, so I was soft locked with the automatic replies, hence why I had to call the 0800 number all the time. 

I called every single day for the past few weeks and the replies are always similar, saying oh we will make changes as someone made a mistake or the system error / wait 24hours for the change then 48hours then 72hours , then they said oh we need to fill in a form to get this through and to confirm this and that.

Yesterday ( 12th Septermber ) I was on a call and someone that picked up the call and talked to me got very annoyed for some reason as I kept asking questions when is this going to be sorted, they raised their voice at me and later on put me on hold, kept raising the music volume and pretending that they arent there even though they literally forgot to mute themselves and I could hear them.

So I am kind of in a situation where i'm stuck and not sure what to do , calling or messaging the virgin media whatsapp or even the live chat doesnt help.

So any ideas on what I could do? In order to solve this issue as I just want the contract to go back to the original price which was discussed at £36.99 instead of them charging me £56+ a month as this was not agreed on.

Many thanks in adavance for any replies and help






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Craze thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you, kindly expect the PM to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!
Many thanks