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Virgin Media – More incompetent that any company I have ever dealt with

Joining in

Account Number;  [MOD EDIT: Removed]

Area ref; 20

04/02/23 - Email - Initial call to Virgin - Email

06/02/23 - Email - Direct debit set-up

14/02/23 - Email - Virgin install date 3rd Mar'23

28/02/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 15th Mar'23

10/03/23 - Email - Delay no details

11/03/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 27th Mar'23

23/03/23 - Email - Delay no details

24/03/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 8th Apr'23

15/04/23 - Email - Delay no details

15/04/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 28th Apr'23

24/04/23 - Email - Delay no details

24/04/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 19th May'23

16/05/23 - Email - Delay no details

16/05/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 1st June'23

27/05/23 - Email - Delay no details

27/05/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 16th June'23

13/06/23 - Email - Delay no details

13/06/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 6th July23

03/07/23 - Email - Delay no details

03/07/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 21st July23

26/07/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 8th Aug23

07/08/23 - Email - Delay no details

07/08/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 24th Aug'23

22/08/23 - Email - Delay no details

22/08/23 - Email - Delay - new install date 13th Sept23


  • Feb - Stated on the first call on 4th Feb'23. I have a shared driveway can you install. Was told no problem our team of engineers are great and will have it installed very quickly. The first of over 17+ lies.
  • March - Cancelled my Sky TV & Broadband as would have to sign up for a year, after all I was going with Virgin.
  • Tried logging in to media account but apparently cannot until connected, this is also used for complaints – so can only complain over the phone after waiting in a queue !
  • March - On telephone calls told that engineers had visited my home / driveway 3 times prior to 15th Mar'23 but never seen on camera at address which shows down driveway to the road and believe this is patently more lies - first visit seen is 25th Mar'23 on video.
  • April - July - Neighbours informed about the installation then told they installation will dig up their drives and gardens to run the cables. This, justifiably, angered them, but I had received no communication. Virgin then followed this up with a total of 7 letters with the final one stating "you are being unfair to your neighbours who want Virgin media installed" - again no communication to myself.
  • July - Installation team came out and I finally got to talk to them beginning of July. Explained that is the cable was run the other side of the share driveway running along the garden edging stone then up to my house, everyone would happy as the tarmac is already coming up there and is full of weeds for us all. Installation team agreed and wondered why Virgin had never suggested this !!! Told it would be installed within 1 week, that was beginning of July !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mar - Aug - Many many many phone calls (16+) over these months with customer service (please rename to frustration inducing services) and installation team (please rename to add the words "lack of" in front), all of whom, at various points, have lied repeatedly and that I can prove to be a lie.
  • I have no doubt "someone will look into this to get the issue resolved" as I have heard this more times than I care to remember. I have 100% confidence nothing will change based on the last 6 months of proven incompetence.
  • I work from home frequently so had to get a temporary broadband installed at my cost because no broadband as Sky was cancelled and Virgin no where to be seen !!

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Erronidon 

Welcome to the community forums 

Really sorry to hear that your install has been delayed with a lack of communication regarding the any updates. 

We aren't able to assist in bring your installation forward to escalate any works, but we can raise a complaint for this on the account for you and assign this to the dedicated team to investigate the delay further. 

Is this something you would like for me to action for you today? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Yes please - anything to help get this resolved.

Thank you