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Very Rude Virgin Nuisance Call

I've just had a call from the number +8001836408 from a female with very broken English and in a very rude manner. She didn't seem to understand English either which got my security defences up. Whilst I've now done a search on the number and found it to be a Virgin Media one I'm also fully aware that numbers can be cloned. She said she had a deal for me and when I asked her several times what the deal was she rudely ignored my question every time until the last time she rudely said she couldn't tell me. So why say there's a deal in the first place? She knew my name but that's easy enough to find out  Then she said I had to answer some security questions such as my address and password so I informed her that unless she could in some way confirm she was actually from Virgin Media then to please understand why I can't answer them. With that she rudely cut the call off without saying why or at least politely informing me she couldn't proceed. Her rudeness, lack of English and actions have made me very suspicious this is a scam to get details using a cloned number. As a consequence I've now blocked the number. If it was actually Virgin Media then their staff need a lot of customer care training and a good command of English.

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