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VOLT package lies and wasted hours on phone and ripped off

Tuning in

I signed for new contract last month for 350mb for something like £33 as I needed it cheaper, was told about volt by the agent and that I would be be getting 500mb as the NO EXTRA CHARGE for having volt, which for the next level is 500mb, I was told by the agent I will be paying for 350mb price but getting 500mb.

I noticed it was applied and seemed to be working, but got my first bill it was£45 the same i was paying for my previous contract which was 500mb.

I phoned the other day and asked about price was told a load of jargon by the agent, they said i still have to pay the bill as it was issued, but said they would adjust the price to £39 a month.

I noticed they have removed the volt 500mb without even asking meif i want that to happen, now it says im on volt 350mb, wth is going on here ? 

I phoned this evening to try and sort this mess out, the agent kept pretending she couldn't hear me when i asked her why has my volt been removed,but was on a wifi call it's crystal clear lol,she kept saying about new contracts and i will have to pay more, honestly this is a cluster F.

Can someobody contact me to get this sorted ,Its ridiculous..


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Peckham-pouncer, 


Thank you for your post! 


Sorry to hear of the experience you've had here! I have been able to take a look at things from our side and can see you've been able to speak to one of the team about this - who has put things right. Let me know if that's the case 🙂 




I got lucky and spoke to someone who knew what they where doing, it shouldn't have took 3 calls to get it right, instead of them adding my volt onto my account they added extra price and charged me for the 500mb, how this has happened i don't know! I actually dread ringing up for getting problems sorted as It's never easy and always stressfull, I don't believe this was a mistake, I have heard about shady managers who put pressure on staff to make them as much money by any means necessary.

until next time...

Hi Peckham-pouncer,

Apologies again for your experience, glad this has now been corrected, any Volt benefits including the speed uplift should be done automatically, if you do have any further issues please do not hesitate to reach back out.