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VOLT/O2 confusion

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I renewed my VOLT package in June as the renewal price was reasonable. I have a new contract end date (20 Dec 2024). I'm assuming that as part of the renewal process I would have recontracted with O2. And this would be a requirement to benefit from the discounted VOLT package price.

But I have just had a text from O2 telling me my contract expires on 31 July 2023 (the original contract date). They offer me the options to continue (uncontracted) on the same tariff, choose a different tariff or leave. They seem to be unaware of my Virgin contact renewal. 

What to do? The O2 tariff (everything) is expensive and not appropriate. I would certainly choose a cheaper tariff or move elsewhere if I could but I'm aware this may affect my VOLT discount. Yet O2 do not seem to think I have a contract after 31 Jul. Do Virgin not tell O2 when a VOLT contract is renewed? What is my contractual position regarding renegotiating a different O2 tariff or leaving them altogether?

Thank you


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No worries, please let me know if you need any further assistance. 


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi nigelar, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

The contract with Virgin Media will be for 18 months, we apply a discount to the Virgin Media bill. 

The volt benefits will be applied to the 02 contract. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

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Thank you for your reply Chris.

But you haven't answered my questions.

Am I contracted with O2 or not?

Their text message suggests not.

If I am, then when will that be reflected in the O2 contract end date? Have Virgin even informed O2?

If I were to take O2s text at face value and say ,negotiate a different tariff, what happens? Do O2 tell Virgin?

There should be no change to the 02 contract as only the volt benefits have been applied. 


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I'm sorry that doesn't help and you haven't addressed the questions I raised.

O2 say my contract ends on 31 July.

"No change" implies that I do not have a contract from that date forward as per their text . Correct?

Can I therefore take up their offer to negotiate a new tariff or leave? 

What are the implications?

Do they tell Virgin?


And re your last message. Who has "applied the VOLT benefits"? What are they?


Yes that is correct, you can take up their offer to negotiate a new tariff or leave? Please be aware that the Volt package needs to have the sim and if this is removed you will need to change the Volt package. - Chris. 

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Thank you.

I think that helps.

To avoid any confusion then, you are saying I can negotiate a cheaper O2 tariff and retain my discounted VIRGIN VOLT package.


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Thank you for your reply by PM Chris, which I've reposted here so I have a record.

 Chris_W1 to nigelar
13 minutes ago

Re: VOLT/O2 confusion
Hi nigelar. 

Yes you will be able to agree a new deal and you would still get the discount which has been applied to the to the Media account. 


No worries, please let me know if you need any further assistance.