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VM outside my house, Cable my street.

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The Virgin website says my address currently is unavailable for VM services, probably due to being in a culdesack.

I have a road to the front (My cul de sack) and back of my house, main road, with my property being around 8m from the curb. At the rear from walking the road, there is VM cables, and people are connected to VM. 

Is there a way to contact someone at VM privately to give my address, have this location reviewed and ask to be connected up?

Thank You



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey  ItsJamieLike, thank you for reaching out for your interest in joining us.

I am going to send you a PM now so we can get some details from you so I can get this raised. 

Look out for my message now.


Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Alessandro Volta

You probably need a VM 'spotter' to come out to look at the site for you. Whether anything actually happens after you have provided your details seems to be a bit of a lottery based on past topics on here.

A deciding factor may be to do with who owns the land between the street and the rear of your home for permission to install, wayleave etc. The other main factor will be cost. If it is easy/cheap for VM to install you might possibly get somewhere but if the installation involves extensive digging in difficult ground then any installation would likely be blocked by cost. It has even been the case that VM has started an installation then given up part way through, as per