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VM have misled me about the amount my contract price will increase by!

I presently pay £32.50/month for M100 broadband and Talk Anytime. I received an email in Jan telling me that my price will increase by £2.50/month once my contract ends in March. Was fine with that.

Now received an email saying that my price will be £52.50/month once my contract ends, then get another £2.50/month added to it.

The first email was hugely misleading and gave me a false sense of security. I can't afford £55.00/month for less than M50 broadband speed I actually get plus free calls. I can get far better deals elsewhere for that broadband speed with free calls, even factoring in the cost of having a BT Openreach point put into my home. But I'm shielding so don't wish to risk having workmen in my home. I need broadband as I work from home, and I need Talk Anytime as I am making a lot of calls relating to my terminally ill father's affairs.

I want to discuss a fairer price with VM but they don't answer the phone. Blaming Covid no doubt, when other call centres who have staff working remotely are doing fine (have called plenty of them, trust me!) I also know from past experience that they don't deal with complaints until you get the Ombudsman involved, so apart from shaming them on their own forum, how else can I get to communicate with VM please? Maybe one of their reps on here will reply?

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Re: VM have misled me about the amount my contract price will increase by!

Hi kt85710,

I am guessing that you would have a discount of some kind added to your package for the length of your contract.  When your contract expires the discount does too, that would explain jump from £35.50 to £52.50.

The other £2.50 I believe would be the "annual" price increase which sadly we are all exposed to.

My advice would be to call VM, explain the situation and try to negotiate a new contract to a more suitable price.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. 

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