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VM and Adjudication massaging figures

Evening all,

I dont usually enter into forums, but feel so fed up with VM, that I felt I had to write.  The opinions expressed here are purely my own.

Last year was a horrendous year, I lost my wife to cancer in November, right in the middle of a case I raised with the Ombudsman about the way we had been treated by VM.

It was my wife who pushed me to make this complaint as she felt so angry about the way we were treated.

VM did their usual to fob us off with all sorts of excuses, but unfortunately for them I had a mountain of documentary evidence which showed how bad they were.

The matter was raised with the Ombudsman CEDR, which in itself take a whole lot of time.

In the middle of the process my wife passes away, not knowing the outcome.   Eventually at the start of Jan 2021 the ombudsman informed us that VM had admitted being at fault, and offered £220 compensation, which I duly accepted just to close the matter.

Since that date I have had no communications from VM at all, certainly not from "Saira" in the Dispute Resolution Team, who made the offer on behalf of VM.

Searching around I find exactly the same has happened to many many customers.

CEDR dont seem too keen on chasing VM, which led me to the conclusion that VM and CEDR must be working together, and the massaged figures look good for CEDR, and keep the customer off VM's back.

Its a disgusting way to run a business, and a disgusting way to treat customers who have been with VM for many many years.

So after some 15yrs with VM, its time to move on.   I was always happy with the service they provided, but they way I and others have been treated when there are issues, has just left a bad taste.

Plenty of other providers out there that are willing to take our money, no they dont have the speeds VM do, but to be honest as I am now the only one in the house, the internet is only for a bit of browsing and emails, so speed is not a great concern.

I just felt that I should put "pen to paper" so to speak.   I know it wont make any difference, and any VM managers on the forum will probably have a good laugh, but they should remember "karma" has a funny way of getting you back.

Thanks for reading.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: VM and Adjudication massaging figures

Hi d95gas


Condolences firstly from all at Virgin Media.


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


I am sorry for the delay in replying and also the experience you've had here. 


Relating the refund agreed, I have contacted the relevant team. Please contact CISAS and they can liaise with us in relation to sorting this out for you


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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