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VM - Pricing Logic & Retentions


This post is more about sharing my experience and hoping that someone can advise the logic from VM and how they manage to retain customers at the end of the contract.

Currently on Full House with Movies and 200mb Broadband @ £55 a month (coming to the end of the offer and contract)

This has now gone up to £84 a month which is fine, I understand I was on an offer. However we don't want movies or BT Sports and took them as it was an offer. To remove these it brings the price to £77 approx. - Expensive but okay that is the price they say.

Go to My Account and click offers. EVERY offer on the page gives me less services for even more money which you would be crazy to take out - but okay.

Go to comparison sites and VM's own site and they are full of "offers" for joining VM - Same current package for £65 (£10 more than current offer but again that's fine - I just got a good offer last year) - BUT why not try to at least offer this to existing customers.

I called retention's who tried to retain me but kept offering me less for more than I am paying - I know that there are limited on offer but even when I advised the offers on their site they couldn't match or beat this for an existing customer.

I suppose the reason is that many customers must just renew without comparing or just let their contracts run on a rolling contract and not notice the cost.

It's madness with the cost of everything these days.

I decided to cancel my services, whilst I had no issue with the service (had no end of faults with BB at the start but been great since resolved) I can't justify the cost for what VM offered against what I could get if I just got my wife to sign up in her name.

I basically require TV package with most the channels excluding movies and sports and broadband 200mb (could even drop that really but it's pennies difference) - and possibly another box in another room but the cost is still so so high.

Compared to next rival Sky. Their package for everything but movies and sports and their Fibre service is just under £50. Yes the speeds are up to 76mbs but that's fine it's still a good internet service.

I'm now likely to take Vodafone Broadband (upto 76mbs) for £26 a month includes Line Rental and take a nowTV type service and we already have Netflix and Amazon TV, so it's a lot cheaper - you lose the little extra speed but still get excellent services.

My point is to highlight the daftness of "retentions" with VM - but I am pretty much 98% sure it's the same at Sky/Vodafone/Talk Talk etc etc.

Would have been easier to stay and I suppose that is what these companies want.

Did anyone ever receive a better offer after they disconnected?

Hope everyone having a good week and sorry for the long post Smiley Happy


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Re: VM - Pricing Logic & Retentions

this is the new customer current customer business model which many companies use and have been for many years. the reality is that most people do not move and as long as they are happy with the service stay with the company. retentions offer better deals for those that like to haggle, but they will never be as good as the new customer deal.
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Re: VM - Pricing Logic & Retentions

The logic used by retentions seem to me to be like, “how long is a piece of elastic”!

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't
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