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VM Contract Renewal nightmare

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This is my first post on here, and sorry its a long post :

I am having the usual frustrating problems with virgin media call centres and the management of my account - I am currently at my wits end with the situation and this forum is my last hope, as I cannot get anybody to resolve this issue - here is my story :

I have been a customer for 24 years, and I work in the retail sector and have enjoyed a Retail Partner offer with virgin media for well over 10 years, on a package which included broadband (350mb) , all tv (excl sports and movies) and phone for a discounted price. This has never changed apart from the usual annual increase which current sits at around £85 per month. I only ever really used the broadband. I recently received a letter stating that this will increase a furthur £15 from april- and this prompted me to look for a new package.

This is when the fun started.

Contact 1 : I really dont like calling the call centre and opted to use the chat bot. 7 hours later and i still didnt get to speak to an advisor

Contact 2 : I called the 0845 number, and got to chat with a human (who sounded like he was working from home), explained that I just wanted 1gig broadband only £45 per month offer, He made an offer of £52 per month for 18 months as the £45 offer was for new customers only. He also said there was another offer for £58 per month, which was my existing package, and my tv would have sports and movies and my broadband uprated to 1gb for 24 months, with the packaged increasing to £83 from month 24. I agreed to this and the Contract information sheet & Contract Summary sheet was emailed over to me to check.

At this point it all went wrong - after 20 mins of faffing around, he could not amend my account as it kept giving him an error and that he would call me back by the end of the day - This never happened.

Contact 3 : Next morning, I called again, and after spending 10 mins explaining what had happened, I got cut off.
Contact 4 : I called straight back, and spoke to an advisor, and explained again the problem - He confirmed that there were no changes made to my account from the previous day by the first advisor and told me the £58 offer was on the system and would honour it, and he would make the changes to the account. After 35 minutes of messing about - he managed to update my account, however it was by way of adding a packaged that amounted to £150 and discounting it down to £58 for the 24months of the contract (ie a monthly discount of £92). He then arranged for a new hub 5 to be shipped out to me, and the call ended.

Contact 5 - The following morning, I received an email with a new contract (not the same as the £58 offer one) Stating the £118 package and the monthly charge of £150 after 18 months. Clearly this was wrong, and not what I agreed to so I called up again, and after explained what had happened, was told not to worry as the £118 amount will be discounted to the correct £58 per month when I receive my bill.

Contact 6 - On the 14th March I recieve my new bill for the following month - you guessed it - £150 with a discount to £118 (so only a £32 monthly discount), on top of that I got additional charges to reflect the package changes. I called up again and spoke to someone from the philippines, and she couldnt do anything and said she would transfer me to their collections department, which cant help me so they transferred me to the indian customer service's who again cant help me. At this point I gave up for the day, and deceided to call at 8am in the morning to speak to a uk call centre.

Contact 7 - I call at 8am, and get through to the philippines call centre again - Explained my plight (again) and was told they could not honer my £58 package I agreed to. I stated Section 50 of the Customer Rights act 2015, which fell on deaf ears, I asked to speak to a manager who could help me and was told in a meeting (always in a meeting eh?), and finally I asked to be put through to a uk call centre - which he cannot do. The best he could offer was broadband only for £62.

So to sum up, I started off wanting to reduce my month cost, and go to a package I can afford with services I use, and was upsold to a top package on the promise of a price reduction they cannot commit to. The best they can offer me is £62 per month for 1gb broadband, or leave Virgin media.

Can anybody from VM on here please help.


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Accepted Solutions

Okay thank you for letting me know and I am sorry to hear this.

I will now send you a PM to look into this for you, please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey adamthweeldon, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

I can see you've spoke to this team this morning about this issue, did they manage to get this resolved for you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Unfortunatly not, I seem to be going around in circles banging my head against a brick wall. 😞

I need somebody to amend billing on my account to reflect the £58pm deal i was offered originally.  Nobody seems to be able to do it.



TV : Maxit : Phone : More Anytime : Internet : M350

Okay thank you for letting me know and I am sorry to hear this.

I will now send you a PM to look into this for you, please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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I'd love to know the outcome of this

Reaching out to the team on hear, and having someone from the uk, who had the access to make the changes, resolved the issue,  basically i am on a £150 package discounted to £118 and they resolved my issue by adding an additional monthly credit to bring it down to £58pm.   i am  not looking forward to ringing again in 2024 and going through this agro again tbh.

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Amazing - thanks for replying. I'm currently at chapter 1 of your saga myself and I'm considering whether to simply switch providers. The fact it was so difficult for you to only temporarily fix the issue makes me think it may be a swifter solution for me. I'm on a simple broadband + landline package and just want to remove the landline and see if I can grab a better deal with a broadband-only package. I'll give them a chance and call them later this week if they don't get back to me.

Thanks for your reply and good luck to you!

I found it very difficult to remove services with VM.  I never use the landline as I get constant matketing calls on it which i cannot stop.  I had changed my number twice and all that resulted was I got someone elses number who was also being plagued by the same thing.  VM are good service, when everything is ok - If you need to change something or resolve a problem, that is when the pain happens.


Best of luck


TV : Maxit : Phone : More Anytime : Internet : M350