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I sent on Friday an Email message to and the advice (see below)This was a very important message. the message was returned as a failure. I then contacted  Virgin Media on 150 and ask the operator for an Email address for Virgin Media but he was unable to give me one. After relating to him by problem shown below he was supposed to have resolved my problem. However, when I try to sign in at Virgin media  I am confronted with a message asking me to go to my Email address for the account which is [removed]  to confirm my emal address etc. BUT  there is no messages in the Email account, I urgently need a Virgin Email address to which I can send my request and get a solution.

      Thanks for your advice. I followed the instructions and got two email addresses as follows and help@virginmedia com. I then sent an Email shown below to the addresses both messages returned as failures. I then phoned Virgin Media on 150 asking them for an Email address for Virgin Media but they were unable to supply one.
Then after translating my request to an operator and was given a new password and a new account number but later when I try to sign in on Virgin media, I got a message saying to check the Email box to confIrm my user name, etc. The only problem is that there is no message in the mailbox. I have now been told I have to wait 24 hours before things fall into place. Also, see another message I get when I click on ' confirm your email address in the message I received fro the Virgin Media team.
 Regards Linda,
Nov 15 at 2:54 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,
 I have been trying for some time now to get the information confirming that the above account is transferred back to the Email address [removed] from [removed].
Several weeks ago I spoke to an operator on 150 about this matter who assured me that this will be done. Two days later I had an Email saying the matter is being looked into, however, since then  I have had no further correspondence on the matter.
I have on two occasions sent messages to the virgin team on the matter, but so far have not had any response. I now intend to close the Email address, but before I do so, I need confirmation that the account has been transferred to the Email address [removed]. I also need a new password for this account to which all future correspondence including the monthly bills is to be sent to.
I have been now given the mail address used to send this message and now hope the matter is resolved. My telephone number is [removed]
                                                       Yours faithfully,
                                                         Linda [removed]


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Hi Geolin,


Thanks for your post and welcome to our community,


I'm very sorry that you're still having issues with your email account after speaking with our team. I can appreciate you're keen to understand what is happening with this.


I'd need to take a closer look at your account, so I'll pop you a private message now.


I'll speak to you there,







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