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VAT invoice

Tuning in

Im trying to get hold of VAT invoices for my broad band account.  i had them set up to arrive last year but nothing has arrived in 2023. when i call the general call centre they seem a little lost with the concept of a VAT bill differing from the standard. anybody know the number to call to get the correct department,.


Tuning in

Hi Team,

I need to get hold of VAT invoices for January and February 2023 and then going forward. Are you able to assist please?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi oddwod-99,

Welcome to the Community Forums! Thanks for your post.

Sorry to hear that you've not received your VAT invoices this year and you haven't been able to get help with this over the phone. We'd like to look into this for you.

Please look out for my message I've sent you over at the purple envelope. I'll be helping you further from there 🙂



Hey oddwod-99, thank you for reaching out and for your request.

I can see my colleague has actually sent you a PM to get the ball rolling on this.

If you look for the purple envelope you should be able to see her message. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


I replied to Beth G on the PM and have heard nothing back. 

Hi oddwod-99, thanks for the message. 

I can see that the PM is with Beth and is not in at the moment and will respond in the next few hours.

Kind regards, Chris.