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Useless and Rude

Tuning in

Your company has messed up a few times now and I'm a little more than frustrated with it.

I only joined in November for the Fibre Broadband and TV package.

Firstly, I did not like how I was rudely addressed by one of the Indian people on the phone earlier this week.

We are paying your company money for a service and I would at least expect to be treated with a little more courtesy thank you.

Second of all the chap that came to my front door to sell us Virgin media I the first place misspelled my name and email account so I could not access my virgin account to even see or pay my bill.

Finally I have now paid £91.98 from Nov-Dec bill and the app I use on my phone is STILL showing that I owe it to you.

This needs to be the resolved ASAP.

I am really not happy with the service so far and I am somewhat tempted to cancel the contract with you and go back with SKY instead.

It is also unacceptable that I was passed from pillar to post on the phone last week to sort this out, only to be kept waiting on the phone for over 1hr 20mins and then fobbed off by one of your "Managers"

I have family abroad and my two young children could not speak to their grandmother over the holiday season because you cut us off as a result of your own faults in billing and the frankly abysmal way your customer service contact is set up. 

After all of Virgin media's fumbled attempts at customer service....... you then had the audacity to charge me a late payment fee even though i had no way to pay my bill!!


Tuning in

Also this is nowhere near the 350mbps I'm paying for.


Hi there

Thank you for taking the time to post there. Welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm terribly sorry to hear that we've not gotten off to the best start, we'd love to try and turn this around.

I'm going to send you a message so I can take you details and raise a complaint for you if one hasn't been already, I'll be happy to address all of the issues you've mentioned in your post from there.

Thank you,