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Upgrade offers.....non existent

I need a little help to understand how upgrading works for existing customers. I have been a virgin media broadband customer for over 10 years now, and I must say I'm disappointed with the "offers" I can see online. 

I also have Sky tv (it was on offer and worked out cheaper, offer ran out and I've just sat on it too long) so it makes sense to switch to Virgin for tv and broadband. The only tv and broadband upgrade available to me is 1 basic other option at all? I also have no option to upgrade just my broadband? Faster speeds are available in my area...just not to me apparently. 

So do I need to phone retentions and barter a new package? seems odd considering I will be giving them more money and I'll be locked into a new contract for 18 months, surely that's what they want? I'm not sure why its so difficult! 


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Re: Upgrade offers.....non existent

Hi joncoles1,

There are far more regrade options than shown in My Virgin Media.

Often customers have remained on old discontinued package which the computer systems can't cope with and necessitates manual intervention from the VM agents due to differences in for example TV channels available, loyalty discounts etc

Unfortunately you need to contact VM directly as the Forum Team don't have access to enable them to change your package. 

You should call  150 from a Virgin landline or mobile, or 0345 454 1111, options 1,1,4 and 4 Retentions (thinking of leaving us) rather than speaking to Regrades.  The best time to call is between 8am and 10am to avoid call queues, or late afternoon around tea time

Retentions (thinking of leaving us) are generally based in the UK, and have a greater degree of knowledge and flexibility, along with a larger range of discounts than the front line agents.

Hopefully you can then negotiate a deal with them that's suitable to your pocket and needs in exchange for a new contract


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Re: Upgrade offers.....non existent

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums, joncoles1,


We do post some offers on your online account, but if those are not to your liking then it would be best to ring us directly as @newapollo advised.



Corey C


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Re: Upgrade offers.....non existent

You have to negotiate, don’t accept the first offer…..keep pushing, then when you get a good offer, get the persons name, log the date time of the call, because you can guarantee, it will get forgotten and you will have to start again, I am on 50MB just with a landline and it’s £24 a month fir 18 months, just keep working in it, I have been with Virgin since the beginning of time

good luck