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Unethical practices by Virgin.

At the end of January I made a subject access request for recordings of telephone conversations. As yet I have received 1 recording. Despite repeating this request on two further occasions I have received nothing.

I know for a fact that one of these recordings exist as they referred to their listening to it in a letter they sent me

1 other they claim do not exist


2 others they have not refered to at all


The recordings I have not received are the most compromising and prove beyond any doubt virgin liability for the complaint I made.

Virgin have a statutory right to provide these recordings but appear to be arrogant enough to think themselves above the law.

I have complained to the information commissioner but should not have to resort to this to received basic customer service.


If ever an organisations unethical practices needed exposing it is this one. Online I have found more complaints about Virgin media than any other Provider. I will share these in future posts with a view to forming some kind of protest against Virgins practices.

I  will also post them on twitter @exposevirginmedia. Please follow.

Also contact *********** with your own stories.



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