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Unauthorised Gadget Rescue Charges

Just joined

I have been paying for Gadget Rescue since April 2021, for a total of 26 months, which is £5.00 * 26 months = £130.00, all without my consent. I have had to call Gadget Rescue about this for weeks, explaining the situation to them on the phone, they finally agreed and I was told I would receive a full refund that will be reflected in my next bills. This morning I was charged my usually bill amount which was odd so I called Virgin up again and they said I have been given a £20 credit only. I call up Gadget Rescue to ask about the rest of the refund which I was promised by one of the supervisors over the phone, and now the person on the phone is yet again, investigating. I feel like an absolute donkey having to go around in circles. This is the 6th time this has happened in the past month. The call centres for the different departments do not contact each other effectively and notes on accounts by operators are poor. I want an email address to have this issue fixed over, I am tired of calling and calling and calling and having to explain myself over and over again because Virgin refuses to invest in a more centralised customer service call centre system. Give me an email, NOW!

[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]