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Unable to contact Virgin Media to return router

Joining in

I have recently cancelled my broadband as i can get full fibre 3 times as quick for a lot less money.

When i called and cancelled the phone operator was very rude so i guess that confirmed i made the right choice.

I received an email asking that i return my router which i attempted to do by clicking on the links in the email but various parts of the website don't work as my account has finished.

I have tried the chat feature but after having it in the background for around 5 hours i guess no one is answering.

If anyone from Virgin media reads this and wants their equipment back then please get in contact.


Community elder

I've followed that link and attempted to do that earlier today.

It asks that i sign in and then states

"Sorry, there's nothing to see here


Your account's been disconnected. This means you're unable to access this area of your online account, so you won't be able to manage on-going issues or raise new ones.

Community elder

I've clicked on the second link and that seems to come up with a form which i have filled in.

Hopefully i get a returns pack with that.

Yesterday i got  text and an email with links to arrange return of my router.

I clicked on the links as soon as i got them and it come up with a message saying its too late and they will be in touch in 72 hours.

Clearly their system does not work.

I can see the time frame running out and them attempting to charge me for the kit.

I can't even send them an email as they no longer support emails from customers.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, UKCustomer.

Thank you for reaching out on our help forums and glad to see you've had some advice from the community already regarding your equipment return issues. 🙂

Since you've submitted the form online you'll receive more info on your return pack delivery via email soon as an update too, once we receive the kit back to our warehouse we'll process your return and waive off any relevant fees from your next bill within 14 days from delivery.

Please, keep us posted as to how things go from here.

Forum Team

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Knew this would happen, due to your systems not working and me trying my best to arrange a collection date, i've now got a text message saying you have charged me £65.

Why should i be charged when its your fault that its not being collected?

We understand the frustration UKCustomer, the notification and charges are automated and once the equipment is returned will be removed. Have you had nay updates on this today at all?



I got an email through today which actually looks like i'm getting somewhere.

This is the trouble now with loosing that in person customer and everything being automated.

So i'm now out of pocket the £65 and the over payment you took on my last month.

With the cost of living lets hope i have enough money to feed my children, but its ok, Virgin has a nice fat bank account from people waiting to get their money back.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @UKCustomer,

Thanks for coming back to us about this ongoing issue. We understand how frustrating this must be for you. 

Have you been able to send back the equipment through the pre-paid equipment returns bag, or are you still waiting for this to arrive?

Your payment will be refunded once the equipment is returned.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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