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Unable to cancel, Debt piling up! HELP

I am stuck in a catch 22 situation. 

I lost my job due to the virus and my service is suspended for non payment. I currently owe £87.

I can only afford to pay back £25 a month (note I am no longer bound by contract) 

However,  Virgin will continue to charge me a monthly bill without providing any service. They will not freeze the monthly payments till I settle the debt, nor will they allow me to cancel the account unless the full amount is paid. 

This means I will technically be billed forever, even though I have offered to pay the debt in 3 monthly installments. 

Surely this is illegal? 

I'm going to citizens advice bureau and am going to write to ofcom. 

Unfortunately it is impossible to speak to a manager as they are always busy and there is no one in authority willing to talk to me. 

Is there no kind of help with people struggling with debt? 

If it wasn't for this lock down I would obviously have paid this as I have had this account for years now! 

In desperation, 


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Re: Unable to cancel, Debt piling up! HELP

have you tried contacting their dedicated Collections team on 0800 052 0360 they may be able to help more than just the normal customer service team

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