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Ultimate Volt Free Gift

Tuning in

Hi, i am posting here as i do not have the home phone installed and have no mobile credit so cannot call and the live chat service is not working very well for me at this time it is running extremely slow and glitching a lot, not sure if this is bc of my phone or otherwise but the issue i am having is i got an email from VM on august 4th saying i'd recieve an email form exertis in the next 28 days detailing the delivery of said gift, its been 28 days and i still have had no contact regarding the gift, i was hoping i can possibly get some help with this.


Thanks, VenTriiiX.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi VenTriiiX,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry that you have not yet received your gift from us. Did you order our services directly through our website or a 3rd party website?

Exertis will despatch your hardware gift within 28 days of the activation or installation of your Virgin Media services. Once your gift has been despatched, it should be delivered to you within 14 days.

For more information about our free gifts, please check the link here  Gifts | Virgin Media Help

Kind regards Jodi. 

Id gotten signed up for my broadband package on VMs home website.

I had an email subjected "An update on your gift" on August 4th saying exertis should be in touch within next 28 however my Hub and TV systems were only actually installed on August 16th..

So does this mean i should be contacted by 28 days from the email on August 4th, or the actual engineer visit for installation on August 16th? 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @VenTriiiX thanks for your reply.

So it will always be 28 days following activation/installation, so it does seem there's a few more weeks to wait yet which is explaining the delay here.

If you've not heard anything back within the revised timescales, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Many thanks


Having looked at dates etc i noticed that the email on 4th had come in after the external works were finished, was it supposed to cone in after the 16th then? 

Hi @VenTriiiX thanks for your reply.

So I'm sorry that things haven't been to clear in the email but to re-confirm, it is 28 days after activation (so from the 16th) that the gift is dispatched. 

However, it can take up to 14 days more from this time to receive the delivery, so there will be a little bit longer to wait.

I do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Many thanks