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Two accounts with same email address

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I moved from a share house to a new flat. At the share house we have Virgin with an account in my name. When I moved, I signed up for another contract at my new place and used the same email address. I left the contract at the share house as-is to make things simple and my former housemates just pay me back.

Now I want to change the direct debit on my new account but I can't access my new Virgin account online because when I login with my email, I only see the old contract at the share house.

How can I either change the email address associated with an account or manage both contracts from the same account?

Thank you


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @raabuchanan


Thank you for you post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear you are having some issues with your online account. 


We would strongly recommend you disconnect the account at your previous address if its still in your name but you no longer live there. 


I appreciate your reasons for leaving this open, however as the named account holder you would be solely responsible for the account including any possible equipment returns, package/contract changes, debt that may occur etc. 


If you di disconnect, someone who is at the property currently could then take out a new account in their name.


With regards to the online account, it is not possible to manage the two accounts together.


If you register for My Virgin Media using your new account details and a different email address, this should then work for you.


Please do let us know if you have any issues or any further questions regarding this. 






Vikki - Forum Team

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Thank you for your help. I've arranged for the old account to be disconnected.

When I try to register a new Virgin Media account with a different email (Outlook) it automatically detects my email associated with my old account (Gmail).

It seems that my Gmail email is linked to both my current contract and old contract and this is preventing me from registering a new account. The system only lets me log in with my Gmail which only lets me manage my old account.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I will send you over a private message to help with this. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi raabuchanan,

Ryan is currently out of office so I've assigned this to myself to deal with.

You'll find a message within the purple envelope icon.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your cooperation over PM raabuchanan,

The details should now be transferred over for you.

If you do have anymore queries then please don't hesitate to contact our team!




I also have a similar problem.

My Virgin media account’s email is connected to my old contract which ended on 17 October 2022. I opted out of the moving home option because I did not have an address to move the service to at the time I ended the contract. 

Recently, I use the same email to get a new contract with Virgin media. When I try to sign in the app, it only shows my old ended contract. 

can someone help me out on this?


Hello Jeremy_wyh


Sorry to hear of the issues setting up your online account for the new account you have with us, we appreciate you raising this and are happy to have you with us on the forums. Welcome to the community.


If the same email address was swapped over during the process it will still be sat on your old account and preventing you from using it on the new account. We're happy to help and i will send you a Private Message to get some details from you to assist further.