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Trying to change my mind

Joining in

Hi I spent around 4 hours of call waiting to cancel my account, I then cancelled with 30 days notice the next day today I was thinking of changing my mind and sticking with virgin so I called another 30 min wait , I get through and I explain that I was thinking of staying and pulling out of my zen deal I had set up yesterday after cancelling. 
but I was told there would not be a great deal now because as I was in the 30 day notice period the shareholders had seen I had left and the deal I was offered the day before was gone now I was offered a small discount to stay which I was prepared to do until I was told that , I have been a customer for a long time it’s a shame that the shareholders are more important than the customers 

I was also told I should of listened to the advice given that I should think hard about leaving, sounded a bit like threat


Forum Team
Forum Team

Really sorry about any issues faced Godevans,

Welcome back to the community.

Offers can change from time to time so if the previous agreement was scrapped, our team could potentially not match that offer due to the discounts available to them at the next point of contact.

To clarify, is the notice period still in place?



Yes 28 days remain of the notice period , I was told any previous offer was gone because I have started the notice period no other reason 

I am very sorry to hear this @Godevans 


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a previously offered package will be available in the future if not accepted at the time of the initial offer. 


Thank you again.