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Trying to cancel due to email of price increase, anyone help?

Joining in

Hello Folks, got an email through saying price was increasing and I had the right to cancel penalty free. Tried phoning and been kept on the phone for over 2 hours per time, tried the webchat and that was even worse, got a hold of the whatsapp number and it kept forcing me to go back onto the webchat which leads no where. To be honest an absolute shambles and have wasted a lot of time trying to cancel this out, is there anyone on here that can help please? Cheers


Community elder

The VM staff on here can't help with cancellations.

Send a recorded letter and ensure you have proof it was signed for.

All good, finally got through to UK call centre, getting cancelled

Super solver

Glad to hear that you got through in the end. I think Ofcom would still be interested in hearing about your overall cancellation experience with VM

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Complain to VM
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