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Trying to Cancel My Contract but told I MUST call on one specific date

Tuning in

Having been hit by a 30% increase when the prices went up and not receiving a notification to let me leave, I have decided to cancel and go elsewhere when my contract ends on the 6 October 2023.

My understanding is that I have to give a MINIMUM of 30 days notice to cancel but can also give notice up to 60 days before the contract ends.

With this in mind I called Customer Services (0345 4541111) this evening and spoke with Martin. I told him that I wished to give notice to cancel my contract on 6 October when my contract ends. He agreed that 6 October was the contract end date BUT told me that if he processed it today I would have to pay a £75 early termination fee. I reminded him that I did not wish to end my contract early but just to give notice today that I wished to cancel it when it finishes on the 6 October.

His next response was to again confirm the early termination fee. Despite me repeatedly telling him that I did not want to cancel early, he insisted that I would have to pay it if he processed the request today. Seeing I was getting nowhere with this, I therefore asked him how I could avoid the early termination fee but to cancel the contract on the 6 October. His response was that I had to call on EXACTLY the 6 September as this was 30 days from the contract end.

I cannot believe that I have to call EXACTLY 30 days from when my contract ends as he states. What if I am not available on that day or cannot get through? 

Can someone please advise the correct procedure to get my contract cancelled so it finishes on the 6 October.

Thank you



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, Clive0522.
Thanks for posting on our help forums and welcome back to the community.

We're sorry to see your confusion with this matter and the issues you've had with cancelling your services 2 months prior to your deal end date, we'd love to best advise on this.

For all details on our cancellation process, visit this link here where we explain more and you'll also find all methods you can use to cancel your account with us.

We can generally explain that we require a 30-days notice for a cancellation from the date we'll submit this request, hence we'd suggest to contact us while in the last 30 days of your deal and not 60.

If we were to submit your cancellation too early your services would be scheduled to disconnect within 30 days as per our notice period, so you'd leave us before your contract end date which would lead to early termination fees applying on your final bill.

Unfortunately, we do not support disconnection requests over this forum as we have a dedicated team for this so you can use the above methods to reach out our Retentions about cancelling.

Please, note you'll be able to call us and request to cancel on or after the 30th day before the deal end date however from the date you'll raise the disconnection it will take 30 days to complete so you might have to pay a few days further outside your contract before your service deactivates.

We hope this is explanation is helpful to you, feel free to ask if you have more concerns and we'll be eager to advise.

Forum Team

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VM Cancel:

Phoning to cancel is an open invite to waste hours to days with no outcome.

So to cancel by signed for letter :

Or to cancel online :

Super solver

Clive you are completely right and VM continue to operate in a parallel universe when it comes to cancellations.

Please let Ofcom know all about your experience once you finally get to an end point with VM. Please see

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Sending a copy of this to Ofcom to help them in their investigation into VM making cancelling a disgracefully onerous process for customers. As for your "dedicated" teams - where are these dedicated folk hiding?