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Transfer of Responsibilities

Do you need to change the account from one person in your household to another?

If so, here's the straight-forward step-by-step guide to Transfer of Responsibility requests, and how they work.

Before we get started, a quick note. If you are looking to carry out a change due to a bereavement, then please follow the instructions here:

    • First of all, check your balance.
      Really important: there can be no outstanding balance on the account.
      Why not pop over to the My Virgin Media website or app to see where the current balance stands? You can always use QuickPay to clear anything outstanding easily.


    • In carrying out this transfer, the old account will be closed down, and a new one will be created in the other person’s name. Until the account has been completely transferred, the current account holder is still responsible for any outstanding balance on the account


    • The new account holder must have lived at the address for a minimum of six months before requesting a transfer.  The new account holder will be entering into a minimum term contract. As is standard, we’ll have to carry out a credit check on the person who is taking over the account – if there are any problems with this check, we’ll write to the you (the new account holder) to advise.


    • A £20 charge will be added to the new account. This is to cover the cost of transferring all the details  and setting up the new account.


  • Ready to go?
    Then fill in the form attached below.
    The forms can be returned to and will take up to 14 working days to complete from the date the forms are received.
    This mailbox is for Account Transfer forms only, and we cannot respond to any other queries.

 Prices quoted are for direct debit and eBilling. Any direct debit facilities previously in place will not be used on the new account. If you choose to pay by any method other than direct debit, you will incur a monthly charge of £0.45, payable to Virgin Media Payments, for payment handling services. Customers not taking eBilling options will be subject to a further charge for paper bills