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This company has got me mentally on the verge of harm

Joining in

I also am writing here for evidence when I do may a consumer complaint about this company.

Into the main issue, I've been paying for gig internet for well over a year now, at some point last year i had a major issue with my speeds and my internet dropping daily, eventually someone was sent out I was told i had a defective hub and here's a brand spanking new Hub5. I accepted it and let it go that I'd been paying for a broken hub and therefore the wrong speeds and awful service. fast forward to 2023 the issue persists none of the devices in my 2 bed flat are getting the correct speeds and i can't contact anybody, when I'm sent to live chat it's somebody copy and pasting at me from a guide and it becomes obvious when they forget to remove the parts that say "inform the customer" the speeds below are already inclusive of a wifi pod infact i now have 2 

who am i supposed to contact when i call the phone number it tries to force me to pay my bill but why am i paying for what i've clearly never had.



 370613805_1534602564017036_8039647617884831709_n.jpgthis is what i'm consistently getting not just to my laptop but to phone and console too, I'm i'm lucky the device gets to 200this is what i'm consistently getting not just to my laptop but to phone and console too, I'm i'm lucky the device gets to 200


Alessandro Volta

Your tests suggest you are getting the correct speed to the hub but your connection to your devices by wi-fi is where the speed is being limited.

There could be various reasons for this (one of which is the capabilities of the individual devices).

What are the devices you are trying to connect (exact make and models) as this will allow the wifi spec's of each device to be checked?

Your query would be better off in the ‘Networking and Wifi’ forum really as there are more tech-savvy forum users who reply there.

Thank you I will also post over there but I also will tell you the devices just incase anybody here does have any info

The phone is an iphone 11 not the newest but still capable of better than that i would assume

the laptop is a Samsung GalaxyBook Pro

It looks like I'm getting nowhere with support at this point so I think it just best I move providers at this point I pay £70 a month and what I'm getting isn't nearly worth that.

Those devices (which look as if they are wi-fi AX capable) should comfortably give you speeds in the 100s of Mbps.

You'll get the best advice in the ‘Networking and Wifi’ forum on setup and config.

A simple thing you can check though is to log into the VM hub and in the 'MAC filtering' section (may need to check if this is the correct location on the Hub 5) see what frequency band your devices are connecting to. Do not change anything in MAC filtering, just view the connection information.

Your speed test of 90 Mbps suggests you might be connecting to the 2.4 GHz frequency (which will be slower). To get best speed out of the devices you need to be connecting to 5GHz.

Hey MissVaultHunter,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your connection at the moment, I have looked into this on our system and cannot see any issues, it appears that everything connected to your hub or pod has an excellent connection, the system shows that one of your pods is offline, would you be able to check that both of your pods are up and running for me?

Kind Regards,



With all due respect, what your system is showing you vs what I'm receiving appear to be two very different things!

I can confirm that both pods are plugged in which is taking valuable pluggage we don't have a lot of plugs/space in this flat and extension leads are not advised this is something else the company need to take into consideration when sending out these pods, the physical design of them is also dreadful as it takes up almost 2 plug sockets per extender.

regardless I'm not sat on live chat for the umpteenth time and not getting anywhere.


can you advise why I can't get through on the phone to speak to anybody it forces me through to a payment line every time and that's not what I'm calling for. 

Thanks for coming back to us MissVaultHunter, there is now an issue showing with your power levels that has gotten worse and below the acceptable levels since you last posted and will need a technician visit to resolve the issues. I can arrange the appointment from here but would need to confirm a few details via a private message, that I will drop over in a moment. Please look out for the private message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,