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The wrong bill after moving home.

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Moved home in October. I received a wrong bill for the first two months because the movers' price discount/adjustment was applied only once (instead of twice for two months). Also, instead of my original contract, I can only see the "new" one, which started on the move date. I contacted support via the forum and was reassured that everything was corrected. The direct debit went through with the correct amount (£64 instead of £89).

However, today I received a new bill stating that I owe £25 from the last month. I still can't see the original contract in my account.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi maltos, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

This will just be an automatic system note as the agent reduced your Direct Debit so technically the full generated bill wasn't paid but I can see the credit on the screenshot which cancels that out. There is no action for you to take and as the billing has been corrected, you shouldn't see an issue on your next bill. 

In terms of the contract, there isn't a way for us to move this to your new account so the original one that came with your new account will still show. This has been corrected at our end though so the minimum term will end in line with your contract at your previous address. 

Apologies for any confusion caused. 

Forum Team

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Hi Kath_F, thanks for answering. Unfortunately, the credit on the screenshot is the mover's discount, as my original pre-move price is £30 for the month. So, my current bill should be £30, not the £55. I hope this will be sorted out.



Thank you @maltos 

I cannot see from this screenshot that a movers fee is included in the bill, this would only be applied once. The £55 is just showing as your total package price.

Hi Ashleigh_C. I was paying £30 before moving home for the same package and I did not change it. What other members of the forum team have said, is that the mover's correction will be applied each months to reflect the original contract between me and virgin. The £55 price is from the the "contract" which appeared when creating a new account for my current address after moving home, to which I did not agree. Thanks.

Hey @maltos,

Thanks for getting back to us, with this the £25 should get applied each month that remains on your contract, this is done as the price you had previously would be unattainable now so we place this as close as we can then apply a monthly credit as extra, this wouldn't show on your contract and why this shows as £55.