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The adventure starts as soon as you e-sign your contract...

... and if it was accurate or correct - I would!

I spoke (eventually) with a VM representative and asked for the contact to be updated, so that I can sign it and continue with VirginMedia.

A. Installation date needs to be changed.
B. The contract lists "Skysprtshd, Spt&Cinema, Spt&Cinema, Skysprtshd"
No mention of Sky Cinema HD or of any BT sports - which should also include BTSportsHD.

I can't find anywhere to email VM to correct the contract and have no faith that the conversation with the VM rep will result in a revised contract.

How long should I wait before cancelling my sign up to VM and staying with Sky?

Or can anyone give me a better way of getting this sorted out?
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Forum Team
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Re: The adventure starts as soon as you e-sign your contract...

Hi ShouldLeaveSky

Thanks for getting in touch about the contract you have been sent and thanks for joining us on the community too Smiley Happy

If you have opted in for Sky Cinema with us you automatically get Sky Cinema channels added at no extra cost so they are not shown as an additional package within the contract Smiley Wink

If you have taken out the Full House bundle on the TV (which you can check on your contract) then this too automatically includes BT Sports and BT Sports in HD. They too are not separately listed for this reason as within this package, they do not charge an additional fee.

If you are not signing up to the Full House bundle on the main TV package then the stand alone monthly subscription for BT Sports including the HD channels is £18 per month.

Keep us posted if you need anything else Smiley Very Happy

Forum Team

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