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The Renewal Wiggle

Joining in

Just started my renewal wiggle with VM

Tried to it over whatsapp, but their bot is absolute crap and kept sending me back to their web chat even though I asked it not too. Frustrating because it means you have to have the browser window up then!

Offered me the Mega Volt Package for the same price as I am paying for current package (1 gig, Full TV, Sports, TNT, etc). Difference is that it was 500mb, and no tnt sports. They said they cannot offer 1 gig at the moment due to a systems issue, and I should try again in a few days.

Unfortunately couldn't get a straight answer as to whether the 500mb is already boosted by existing sim or not, as I assume if not, then it would boost to 1gig anyway. Something I would rather not risk though, as I want that 1gig!


Up to speed

yes I had the same thing cant do 1 gig atm, tried to get me to wait 1 week  but it would push my termination out by 10 days.