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Termination Fee Lies

Just a word of warning , specifically about a slaesperson called Jordan.

Never trust a word from these people unless you have it in writing, if they say they will update your profile with specifics demand they show you it.

The context is; I was contacted to enter into a contract even though I stated it would be only for 6 months as I was in temp accomodation and would be moving to an area that Virgin did not service.

Jordan heartily stated don't worry about it i'll put some notes in or you can contact me at the time and I will sort it out for you. This was all transacted through Jordans mobile077756xxxx.

So termination time rolls up, no notes on the system and Jordans mobile rings but of course he "isn't available at the moment". Kerching! goes the till at Virgin, thats another fool we have scalped a righteous amont of money from by lying and feeding them what they want to hear.

When Virgin arrives at the neighbourhood I haver moved to I will be salting the earth on our close knit social media channels about their attrocious customer service, lying to achieve sales, high exit fees ands **bleep** poor attitude .

Adios Virgin you will never get a penny from me again




[MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post.]

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