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Telephone call from Virgin, Payment issue

On our wavelength

Today I received a telephone call from Virgin Media, with regards a late payment, which I thought I had paid.

The call was a pre-recorded message, asking me in name, if the account holder to press one

For Virgin Media, here my feedback.  To me this call sounds like a scam call, and for all I know, that exactly what it might be.   Surely there a better way to contact customer, and after checking my email accounts I find the message about the out standing balance, but...

I have two email accounts, one account my bill gets sent to, and the other on deals with the actual account


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @josephmcginley, and welcome back!

Sorry to hear of the phone call you received, and the subsequent E-Mail received.

This does indeed sound like a scam call, as we wouldn't issue an automated message and request the account holder presses a number.

Can you possibly confirm the number that called you?

In regards to the sender of the E-Mail, does this appear to be a coherent address, or does it look suspicious?

For further guidance on how to spot Phishing E-Mails, feel free to click this link.

Kindest regards,



Asking you to press option one is generally a scam giveaway but you say "asking me in name" as in they used your name? 

08000522170, if this is a virgin media number, then its a very bad practice by them

They said my name in full, but the error here, was the pronouncing of my surname, so pronounce each word, and see what I mean

Mc  Gin  ley

That number does seem to be the VM accounts team.

Given the wretched quality of the offshore VM call centres it seems hard to quickly and easily distinguish them from the common or garden scam operations (as David demonstrates above).

Other VM forum team members have suggested demanding further details that only VM should know like perhaps VM area code and package details. 

Hi josephmcginley, 

Thank you for your reply. 

The number does appear to be one of ours but I appreciate this can still be concerning. 

If you are ever concerned when receiving a call from us or any other company, please hang up and dial the customer care team directly. 

With us, you can reach the team on 0345 454 1111 / 150 and pick the options relevant to what the call was regarding. 

Thank you,