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Hi all. 
I will try and keep it short.

basically I’ve been trying to talk to someone regarding my services. I was on a special offer before it ended I tried to talk via live chat but i was always asked to call them. When I tried I was always put on hold then the phone would cut off. I’ve tried the text message service, I’m not getting no reply from that either. I wanted to arrange a new package before my bill went up by an extra £35 a month. Because I haven’t been able to talk to anyone my services have now been suspended. I really need to sort this out I’m a care coordinator currently working from home but now I have no services and no one seems to want to help me. 
I would appreciate it so much if someone here could help me with this situation. 

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Re: Suspended

Had same thing called 150 option 1,1,4,4 and had a silly offer or £40 incress.  Handed in notice and got called the next day with a £10 of offer. So a swing of £50pm


I didnt have any waiting time on the phone at all.  . 

I'd say hand in notice and see what they say.     Good luck