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Surprise New Contract

I called Virgin Media in late January / early February when my contract expired to negotiate a new contract and managed to agree a new contract for a good price, during the call I arranged an engineer visit and everything was scheduled to start on February 10th with an engineer attending my property to install a 2nd Tivo Box.

Unfortunately the engineer had to cancel their visit because apparently Virgin were not installing 2nd boxes at the time due to Covid which I understood so I decided to wait until things had gotten better before enquiring about getting the 2nd box installed. I called last Tuesday (15th June) and managed to arrange for an engineer to come and install my 2nd Tivo Box which they did on the Tuesday just gone (22nd June) and I thought all was good.

Unfortunately I can now see that on my Virgin Account a new contract has been started from 22nd June for a much higher price offering the same services as the contract that I had agreed back in January / February. I didn't agree to any new contracts that I was aware of and certainly wouldn't have agreed a new contract at a higher price with the same services.

Please could someone from Virgin Media try and get this resolved, I would like the same contract I had agreed previously with the same services and price and not this new very expensive one.

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Re: Surprise New Contract

Hi there @stanbridgenat


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for your first post - I was sorry to understand that there has been some issues with your contract and package cost since the installation of the second box. 


We did have a hold on 2nd boxes being installed during the height of the pandemic - however this should not have impacted your package cost once it was eventually installed, I am sorry. 


I have located your account from here and can see that you have chatted with someone previously this month about the same issue; I'll pop you a private message so we can go through some security with you and get this sorted out. 


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop me a reply when you can



Katie - Forum Team

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