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Stuck, due to virgins incompetence with a suspended account that I cannot even pay

Tuning in

Virgin set up an account without even enabling a direct debit. They have massively overcharged me for phone calls, then suspended the account so neither TV or landline now work.

They insist I pay the bill, but any attempt to either pay, or set up a direct debit results in an error saying its my first month, so there is no bill...

Obviously it goes without saying that web chat is ignored, email is ignored, phone calls wait for 4+ hours with nobody answering, so there is no means to contact anybody. At this point, virgin are a company that have ruined my landline (I didnt even ask for, or want me landline changed...), installed some hardware (which was broken 3 times by 3 incompetent engineers, so this trivial task took 4 visits), and then disabled my TV and phone, and seem to act like I am at fault for not paying.

To say the customer service is a disgusting disgrace is an understatement. Its borderline criminal, and I consider the company to be evil and sadistic. Naturally I have made an official complaint about them to ofcom.

All I want as this stage is for them to LET ME pay them. But this is beyond the competence of this company. Unbelievable. I guess the next step is to throw all this virgin crap in a dumpster, and beg sky to take me back?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @cliff5, thanks for your post on our Community Forums

I see that you've been in receipt of a private message from one of my colleagues on this subject and would request that you work with them on getting this resolved, as oppose to creating an alternative thread.

When there are multiple threads on the same subject, it can lead to multiple agents working on the same issue, and thus causing some confusion.