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Sports pause reconnection fee

We've had our sports on pause as there was no live sport on, the bill has been reduced to show this but we now have to pay a £14.40 ish reconnection fee?


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Re: Sports pause reconnection fee

Someone over on Cable Forum has posted it from their bill that also has the Virgin Media explanation of this that you should also be able to see on your bill -

It's down to when the Sky Sports 'restarted' on the channels compared with when you are billed and the last June pause credit applied.

For almost everyone, the restart by Sky Sports didn't align to their bill period or when the full month credit was applied to the account. So the June pause credit covered a reduction past when the Sky Sports restarted the subscription fees on the 19th of June.

So the charge is to reverse the credit from the days between the 19th, and the day the credit would have originally run until on your bill.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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Re: Sports pause reconnection fee

Hi Garygadge,

when you claimed the Sky Sports pause you were credited for a full month, each month.

Sky started charging all customers again including those on Virgin and BT for Sports from the 19th July. 

Because the credits had been applied for the full  month of service for July then customers needed to billed for sport again commencing from the 19th July.

The following is from my bill. It shows the full credit from 2nd June, then the pause adjustment from the 22nd June (you pay a month in advance)

One-off charges & credits Cr £24.55
If we need to credit you for any reason, we'll pop them here too.
BT Sport Credit02 JuneCr £9.25
Sky Sports Credit02 JuneCr £27.00
Sky Sports Pause Adjustment Charge22 June£11.70


BT did not claim back an adjustment for their Sports package from their own customers, Virgin or Sky customers, therefore Virgin haven't applied a pause adjustment charge back for BT Sports.


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