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Sorry! We are not able to set up your Virgin Media account at the moment

I’ve been seeing this error message since my flatmate transferred our broadband service from her name to my name in October 2019 when she moved out.

I got an email from Virgin Media to confirm that the account transfer had been completed, and that I’d need to create my own My Virgin Media account to see and pay my bills online. Except every(!) single(!) time(!) I try to create a My Virgin Media account, I get that error message. 

I called Virgin Media but the person I got through to on the phone wasn’t really interested in listening to anything I said, and kept trying to ask me for my sort code even though I explained that Virgin Media has no record of my sort code because the service had only just been transferred to my name and I’d never paid them a bill. Eventually he said he’d raise a ticket with IT to get them to look into this. I asked him to email me the ticket number; he didn’t. 

So I added a comment to a similar question here and got through to some lovely people who were very helpful. They sent me over the ticket number that had been raised on my behalf. A couple of weeks later, I checked to see if there had been any progress. They asked me to try creating an account again. Didn’t work. 

My first bill was due today (at £89 for broadband ALONE - monthly set price has gone up to £37, plus money left over from the month before, plus £22 extra for the pleasure of my monthly set price going UP against my will!!). Obviously I can’t pay online because I can’t create a My Virgin Media account, so I call again. The IVR asks for a password to my account to get through. Isn’t this fun? I fail the question twice and eventually get through to an operator. I pay my bill over the phone and receive no email confirmation that I’ve done so, so I can’t prove it if Virgin feels like charging me a late fee. I then say I still can’t create a My Virgin Media account, so they pass me through to tech. 

Tech try to explain *how* to create an account. I know *how* to, it won’t work. I ask for the progress on my outstanding ticket and they say there IS NO SUCH TICKET. So they create a new ticket for me. I ask for an email to be sent to confirm this ticket has been set up: “That won’t be possible, ma’am.” I’m told I’ll receive a call back within two days. I already know I won’t. 

So what now, Virgin Media? Because at this rate the thing I would love most in the world is to cancel my service with you, because this has been appalling. But you’ll charge me hand over foot for that. All I’m asking is to create a My Virgin Media account so I can have visibility over my bills. That is it. That’s all. There is a fault on your side and you can barely put two and two together enough to acknowledge it, never mind fix it. 

If it isn’t fixed in a week, I will happily go to Ofcom. 

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Re: Sorry! We are not able to set up your Virgin Media account at the moment

Hi heathermoore,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community, I am sorry to hear you are having issues setting up an online account and aren't nappy with your first bill amount.


I would like to invite you into a private chat so I can look into this for you, I will send you an invite shortly, please click on the purple envelope to accept.


Kind regards





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