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Sooooooo frustrating

My contract is up on 28.03.2020 - unbeknown to me I pay a month in advance so have already been charged double !!!!!!

I spoke to Call Centre a few weeks ago and got virtually no-where but was told I could only leave on my Contract End date or be charged £150 - thieving so and so's.

I've today tried to change to a different provider to be told that Virgin use a completely line to all other providers so I'll have to have an Engineer and, given Covic19, the earliest is 02.06.2020.  I need to keep landline number but am happy to ditch broadband with Virgin until June but can't seem to find a way of doing it on line.  On-line Chat doesn't seem to be available and high call rates !!!!!!!!  This is disgraceful.  I can't see why I should pay double my monthly fee when this is out of my control and Virgin are so unhelpful.

Help !