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So hard to speak to someone at VM? very poor CS

On our wavelength

I am unable to speak to anyone and the online chat is rubbish, it does not have anyone available or is not working.

1. I am for some reason being charged for 2 months' is up to date and I have bank statements to prove it.

2. My 1 Gig alleged super dooper all singing and dancing Fibre optic account won't reach upstairs or the room next door to where the router is located so that is a great payment of £77.30 a month.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jonleda,

Thanks for your post, and welcome back to the Forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have faced when trying to contact us and with your services/billing. In regards to your Wi-Fi, as mentioned previously in another post, there is currently an ongoing outage in your area, which is affecting your service. Unfortunately, we're unable to assist with this, as we're unable to run proper, accurate checks until this fault has been resolved - this is estimated to be fixed by 2nd November by 3:15PM.

 We tend to see higher than usual bills if it is your first bill, or if a previous month hasn't been paid - this can be for various reasons such as a Direct Debit failing to draw, or no Direct Debit being active and the payment being missed.

In regards to your higher than usual bill, is this month on month, or just your most recent one? Is there anything stated on your bill as to why this was 2x your monthly charge?


You can view your bills in your My Virgin Media, and it will give specific reasons for any charges - these may be found in "My Package" or under the Additional Charges category


Reece - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Well, I have been with VM for more years than I care to remember.

It all went through ok as I say on the statement it shows the payment taken etc.


I shall try another way.

I'd love to take a closer look at your billing issue and clarify things for you @Jonleda

I will pop you a PM now to confirm some details 🙂


Forum Team

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