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So difficult to update an account email contact details.

After about 12 attempts, online, phoning call centres, clicking on update links etc. I am still unable to update my contact email details with VM. Why make it so impossible - seems your different departments don't communicate with each other. Marketing remains with the old discontinued email address despite attempts to change it, so the weekly VM edit and customer satisfaction surveys etc. continue to be sent to the wrong email address. Is there any way at all to get it changed ….??


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Re: So difficult to update an account email contact details.

Hi chops.

How long ago did you start this process? 

Marketing updates can take up to 6 weeks for preference changes to update you see.

This is due to most of the marketing campaigns being pre batched in advance. 

If it was more than 6 weeks back then hang on for a few days to a week and a forum colleague will be able to check the email has been updated correctly for you.

Take care.

Kaz 😊

Ex VM employee. Just here to help Smiley Happy