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Signed up to contract without knowledge

I’m back living with parents temporarily, and because of the coronavirus everything is on hold and we can’t move into a new property until it is all over, or at least the lockdown is over. I spoke to a very nice advisor who said the account could be put on hold for up to six months, hopefully giving us time to get sorted in a new home, but honestly who knows how long everything is going on for but she said i could call again if we needed longer or to switch things back on if we got sorted sooner. i’m halfway through a 12 month contract, so i thought it would pause it and carry on when things get back up and running. i asked if i needed to pay anything for putting things on hold, she said no. nothing about prices was discussed any further than that one question, nothing about contracts was discussed AT ALL. i received a letter today about my NEW 12 MONTH CONTRACT that was NEVER discussed, at twice the price i’m paying now. how can virgin do this? we didn’t even talk about my current contract or even any prices or deals, i never agreed to anything this can’t be allowed legally? i encourage virgin to listen back to the call because i will be taking this further with complaints and i will not be staying with them. i know in the ts and cs if i agree to new packages or prices then it’ll sign me up to another 12 month contract but WE NEVER DISCUSSED PACKAGES OR PRICES you can’t just sign people up to contracts without them knowing. 

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