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Signed a broadband contract but nobody is bothering with an installation

Tuning in

Let me preface by saying: this is the worst experience of purchasing a product or service that I have had IN MY LIFE. And It's not even close to being over.

To start, it took me a crusade  and a crying thread in here to get my address acknowledged in existence and have a contract signed.

Fast forward 3 weeks, my broadband installation got delayed last minute on friday evening (it was due monday morning). The delay was two more weeks and today these two weeks are up. Result ? ZERO. NOTHING. 

Nothing got done. Nobody came. Nobody gives a f**k.

Phoned a dozen times customer support via mainline. Incompetent, outsourced and ignorant. Repeating the same bs lines and the same lies. "Yes, pre pull engineers coming today". Obviously nobody came and next day they repeat the same lie "yes, they are coming today, don't worry it is all according to schedule on our end"


Issue: pre pull is not getting done and scheduled installation gets postponed. My second delayed installation is due on 14th of August. If that is postponed again, I am going to Ofcom and to media.

I have a contract for services and they are not being provided. If this company is so incompetent that it cannot fulfil the contract - just say so and I will find another way. But you cannot keep me on a contract hook indefinitely and not provide a service that you agreed to provide. Just because your engineers are contractors sitting in a pub.






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @BigSha, thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community.

We're really sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had. It's not what we'd expect.

Have you been advised when the pre-pull is scheduled to be carried out between now and the installation being carried out on Monday?

Please come back to us at your earliest convenience and we'll do our very best to help.


Originally after signing the contract I was just told that there would be a need for some external works prior to the instalation (pre pull) and that it would be done between the date I signed  (early july, don't remember exactly) and the original instalation date 8am-2pm on monday 31st of July.
Nothing was done during this 2-3 week period.

On friday 28th I got automated message and an sms message that my installation is being delayed. Horrible news since I need internet connection to work and had my calendar and house moving arranged so I can get back to work on 31st or 1st of august at latest. I got in touch via sms/whatsapp and virgin mainline looking for answers, none were given. I was pushed from one department to another multiple times and was left hanging with operator unaware that I was on the line. I could hear them giggling and chatting for a good 10 minutes. Fun times.

Anyways, over the period 28 july to 11 august I have contacted general customer support line asking for progress updates regarding prepull works. No concrete answers just told not to worry. Called thursday 10th august because the deadline of delayed installation visit was nearing (14th aug) and they told me the engineers are coming today to do pre pull. Nobody came. Called again 11th aug - was told the same **bleep**. They are coming today.

Nobody arrived. This **bleep** company has put me out of work so I was at home most days waiting signs of some works to be carried out. 

Today in the afternoon once again I have received automated email saying that my installation is once again being delayed to 30 august. Of course it is. I knew it was going to be endless kick the can down the road **bleep** because in 5 weeks nobody bothered to come over and have a look what work even needs to be done. My next door neighbour is enjoying virgin fibre and I have to drag my balls across antarctica and back to get my contract fulfilled.

No more. No more **bleep**. No more excuses. No more lies. I don't need your **bleep** service and I don't need your contract. If I do not have broadband installed by monday 14th, I am cancelling my contract because it's not being fulfilled.

It is shocking how this company is still operational the way they treat their customers. I have spent dozens of hours hanging on hold and fighting against the windmills just to have a working broadband installed in my home. You go to some village in eastern europe and they got 500GB for 5 euro. But in great britain this is a privilege reserved for royalties. 

Pardon my language but **bleep** this **bleep**. I have had enough

By the way Daniel, this is none of your fault. It is not directed at you and I appreciate your attempts to help me. I just don't have any faith left. 

Now to be absolutely honest Daniel hasn’t really tried to help you at all,  because he actually can’t, he has just posted the normal copy and paste response, as mandated by his bosses in the VM social media department. If you were to peruse this section of the forum, you will find that your experience is in no way unique, so his comment ‘this is not we would expect’ is well, actually exactly what they should expect - although their masters in the VM social media department, require that their employees answer with a specific, company mandated response - or else!

Anyhow, working on the basis that VM are terminally incompetent, their customer service provision is ‘circling the drain’, and there had to be a fair chance that they will be out of business with the next year, what alternatives do you have?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @BigSha 

Thanks for your response.

I'm going to drop you a private message to confirm some details and I'll see what I can do to get an exact time frame or get things sped up for you. Keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.


Forum Team

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Thank you Travis, I will reply when I have a moment. You gus who work in this community are the first ones to give any attention to my issues. I appreciate that a lot

Actually none. I moved to a city centre of decently sized town (50k) and for some god forsaken reason there is no line of any kind in the property.

I am looking at 5g and 4g home router options.

Regarding this forum's moderation team - i get it. But it still is much better than the **bleep** I have been fed from the virgin main helpline.

Anyhow, I am pretty done and out of hope regarding this. If anyone sees virgin services as an option - run away and tell your friends. Trust me whatever they are offering aint worth their customer service eperience.