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Short Term Debt

Joining in


Seen a few posts like this and would like some help.

On my credit report I have a total of £26 of “short term” debt against me through virgin and I can’t find a way to pay it to them. It has increased this month from £9. My credit score has decreased by 100 points since signing up with virgin in October and I do not understand as I pay a direct debit.

Please advise

Kind Regards




From the Virgin Media account  have a look at this navigation to the screen shown below.

View Bill >>> View bill in My Virgin Media >>> View Bills (a tab) >>> Payment methods >>>  ( one off payment option )



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Braderz94, 

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 

I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your billing and payments. 

You will be able to make a one time payment via the one time payment page shared by Client62 but I would like to take a look at things from our side as you have stated you have a direct debit active. With this being the case, you should not be experiencing this issue. 

I will pop you over a private message to take a few details and we can go from there. This message will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 

Speak soon, 


Hi I also have this issue where there is a monthly short term debt appearing on my account even though I have a direct debit and have never missed a payment. This has cause me to drop points on my credit score and not changed as I was advised nearly a year ago by Virgin media colleagues when i renewed my contract. Please could you confirm the next steps to take to rectify this issue. Many thanks in advance. 

Hey Olly13, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am really sorry to hear this.

I can see from our side you have spoke to the team did they help with this?

Also it might be worth emailing the credit file amendment team on, they would look into this for you and get back to you with an update within 21 days. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Joining in

I don't know what Virgin Media are playing at but I too have this problem. I moved house and the stupid bimbo who was dealing with moving my address cancelled my old contract and opened a new short one for 6 months at double the price!

How difficult is it to change address on file? Clearly too difficult for Virgin Media.

I was reassured the payments were going to be the same as my original contract (a manager was meant to overwrite it). My first shock came when my bill came to £108 for just over two months of service charged at once! I then had to phone because my monthly payments doubled compared to my original contract. This I had to phone and remind them every month ever since. Sometimes I had to phone several times to get them to apply credit and stop overcharging me. A bill going from £25 to £44 PER MONTH just to change your address is really stretching it.

When I finally thought they fixed it this month and their service advisor reassured me this is now been adjusted until the end of my contract I got quite a nasty surprise when I wanted to open a new bank account and it was flagged up to me I have 'a short term debt' on my credit report!

It was quite shocking to me as I have never been late with any payment and there are no issues on my credit report going back YEARS. When I checked it, it turned out stupid virgin media put a £6 short term debt on my account. £6 that wasn't even supposed to be charged this month and was still charged through 



I cannot wait for this current shoddy contract to end because I know what I'll be doing. Voting with my feet.

My family and I have three contracts with virgin media and have had virgin media for years, clearly will need to find a new provider with a BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Hi @Invicta16,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm sorry to hear that you had some disputes with your billing following a home move. I hope they've since been corrected. Regarding the contract length, we don't offer 6-month contract terms so it sounds like what's happened is that you're continuing the remainder of your contract term from the previous address.

As for the credit file concerns, I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened. If this is something that's continuing to affect you and you wish to dispute it, please send an email to and they'll get back to you in due course to support you further.


Zach - Forum Team
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Thanks , I've already sent an email to get an automated reply that someone will get to it in 21 days. 

Another potential 21 days to wait for vrigin media to fix their own mistakes. 

I wish it was fixed but at the moment it looks like virgin media need to invest in some calculators because I checked the amount I paid and even with £20 admin fee for moving (I know, all this hassle and I still had to pay £20 admin fee to move my address...) it looks like I'll overpay by about £50 by the end of my contract (compared to what it would have been on my original one). And yes every time I phone I get told they don't offer 6month contracts and nobody seems to know how it happened that I was put on one instead of my address changed.

I will likely have to phone them again and try and explain to another person why virgin media owes me money. 

Hi @Invicta16,

If you've emailed the team then I assure you that they'll be in touch in due course to assist you further with your credit file related dispute.

Are you saying that there's still a dispute on an already generated bill amount?


Zach - Forum Team
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