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Shocking Customer Service

Where do I even begin to start?

My two contract was due to run out so I called up retentions on the 23rd April to see what deals I could get, after much back and forth, I agreed a contract at £69 per month for the package I wanted. I thought all was well and carried on with my life.

Later that day I received my contract confirmation email but to my horror the bill was £139.05 a month. I called back up the following day on the 24th to get this sorted out immediately. I was passed around multiple departments and just fobbed off by most agents. I even asked for manager multiple times which was refused. Eventually I was promised a call back within 48 hours.

On the 30th I had still not heard anything so called back up and spoke to another agent who was actually keen to help out, he popped the original call in for a review and reassured me it would be honoured if that is what was agreed. Spoke to him over the course of a few days and thought all was well, promised another call back but once again I have not received it to this date. My new package requires an engineer to fit the TV box I imagine but nothing has been arranged nearly a month on.

Called back up a few days ago and was promised ANOTHER call back. Once again, nobody has tried calling. No agent wants to deal with this query and I am getting no further forward with my complaint. I really do not know what to do or try next which is why I am here. I am expected to pay for this all very soon even though I have not had the service which was agreed in the contract.

If anybody has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Shocking Customer Service

A textbook case study of VM customer service in action. I have never known VM to honour a call back. It is just a device to get you off the line and close the contact. There appears to be no standards in place and therefore no supervision or audit.

As a starting point log a written complaint online. See

VM staff on here can also be helpful. 

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Re: Shocking Customer Service

The general CS is poor at best, you should contact retentions who will be able to check the original offer given.

My Broadband Ping - VM new Hub.
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Re: Shocking Customer Service

Hi BreakingBradd,


Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂


I'm very sorry to hear of the experience you've had, and any confusion caused over the package and pricing. 


Package changes aren't something we deal with via the forums, however so I can look at your complaint I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)



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Re: Shocking Customer Service

Virgin Media customer service team is indeed very annoying and bad. It takes so long to get to speak with someone over phone, and seems they never did what they promised to do or should do as a basic job, after they put off the phone.

See my case (Serious Complaint - Virgin Media set up a fake con... - Virgin Media Community - 5001471) : they didn't cancel my service after I called to cancel (oppositely someone set up a new contract upon me without my authority); they didn't investigate the problem after they promised on phone they will do ...

The community shouldn't be a place to get customer service, however it is a place to get some help.

@Virgin Media: Suggest you to fire the whole customer service department. Move the function to this community