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Service downgrade initiated 12 month term

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was left unable to afford the full house bundle that I had been subscribed to for the previous 5>6 years.

I called and after spending 30 minutes being pressed around departments offering me all sorts of deals, all which I declined, I was finally able to reduce my package to the M50 broadband package only. To my knowledge I was simply removing the TV and phone from my package whilst simultaneously reducing my web speeds from 350 to 50mbps.

At first I was satisfied until I received a "courtesy" call 2 weeks later where the can agent let slip that I was now tied into a new 12 month minimum term for simply reducing my services. Nothing about this was clearly explained our agreed to at the time of discussing this and has left me pretty unhappy since the reason to downgrade was due to financial issues, something which a "new minimum term" could cause even more grief, if things turn out bad for me after the CV-19 dust settles.

I did not agree to anything, did not sign anything and certainly was not informed, and definitely did not expect, that reducing services would lock me up for another year and leave me with a large bill if I needed to cancel.

Please could a member of the team explain the details of this to me and inform me exactly what is going on with my account. I am strongly considering leaving virgin after this, a customer for over 10 years, especially since as a new customer I am able to get cheaper & faster services from other providers.

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